One Piece Manga Spoiler Chapter 862

One Piece Manga Spoiler Chapter 862

One Piece Manga Spoiler Chapter 862 – Marriage bloody, Sanji dead!!!

Manga spoiler is a spoiler about storyline of manga for next chapter before the original manga was released to public. Thus you can read storyline spoiler of the next chapter before anyone else knew and original manga was released. In this article, One Piece Manga Spoiler can be images scanned, HD pictures and text containing the storyline. While the language used in One Piece Manga Spoiler can be in English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean or Indonesian. It all depends on the source where spoiler is first out. In addition, please note that Spoiler One Piece Manga 862 is obtained from various sources on the internet, so the truth is ascertained very accurately. Thus you can predict storyline of One Piece in the next chapter without reading the original version first. Before you read One Piece Manga Spoiler Chapter 862 would be nice if you also read some excerpts of stories on One Piece Manga Chapter 861 entitled ‘The Consummate Actor’ first below :

One Piece Manga Spoiler Chapter 862

One Piece Manga Spoiler Chapter 862

One Piece Manga Spoiler Chapter 862

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Jinbe tries to wake Luffy up, but he isn’t showing any signs of waking.
Everyone cheers as A gigantic wedding cake is brought out.
As Big Mom’s children surround the Vinsmokes’ seats, Reiju prepares herself to die.
As Luffy finally wakes and heads towards the venue, the ceremony has begun.
Katakuri is bewildered as he sees the future where Pudding breaks down crying.

When Pudding shows Sanji her third eye, Sanji tells her in an air of wonder, “It’s a beautiful eye”
Pudding breaks down crying and recalls her childhood where her third eye was a source of bullying, and even Big Mom was creeped out, so she was told to hide it with her bangs. And it was due to these incidents that her personality began to become warped.

If Big Mom decides that Pudding is of no use, then she will signal Father to shoot Sanji.
Katakuri sees the future where Sanji dodges Father’s shot, so he shoots at Sanji but Sanji avoids this shot by the skin of his teeth.

At the signal of Katakuri’s shot, Luffy begins his entrance into the ceremony, and countless number of Luffy’s come flying out of the wedding cake.

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