One Piece Spoiler Manga Chapter 875

One Piece Spoiler Manga Chapter 875

One Piece Spoiler Manga Chapter 875 – Appropriate predictions, Big Mom will be friends with Luffy et al after made a cake by Sanji!

Manga spoiler is a spoiler about storyline of manga for next chapter before the original manga was released to public. Thus you can read storyline spoiler of the next chapter before anyone else knew and original manga was released. In this article, One Piece Manga Spoiler can be images scanned, HD pictures and text containing the storyline. While the language used in One Piece Manga Spoiler can be in English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean or Indonesian. It all depends on the source where spoiler is first out. In addition, please note that One Piece Spoiler Manga 875 is obtained from various sources on the internet, so the truth is ascertained very accurately. Thus you can predict storyline of One Piece in the next chapter without reading the original version first. Before you read One Piece Spoiler Manga Chapter 875 would be nice if you also read some excerpts of stories on One Piece Spoiler Manga Chapter 874 entitled ‘King Baum’ first below :

One Piece Spoiler Manga Chapter 875

One Piece Spoiler Manga Chapter 875

One Piece Spoiler Manga Chapter 875

Meanwhile, below is One Piece Spoiler Manga Chapter 875 you are searching for!


Title: A Woman’s Duty

Chopper and brook are heading for the sunny-go . Chopper notice a fishman is doing something .

[Seducing woods]
Luffy’s co. Are still running from BM , the vivre card is not working since mom herself is there .
Mom trys to call on zeus but nami keep him distracted by thunder clouds and weather eggs .
Luffy wants to avenge king bam so he attacks prometheus with gatelling gun with haki .. yet it doesn’t affect prometheus .
Jinbe uses “wave spear” this attack makes prometheus suffer .
According to jinbe , Prometheus is the personification of fire , so he is just like a big fire .

Zeus keeps on eating the weather eggs over enjoyed by the taste .

Due to eating so much he became very big .
Nami activates the “eggs” inside zeus .
Nami : zeus breeze tenpo .
A large thunder hits BM .

Chopper co . Reach the sunny , to find themselves surronded by perospero’s co .
They plan to fight back to regain their ship .

On the other hand , above the seducing woods pudding and chiffon appear .
Chiffon thinks that she must help luffy’s co who are the life-savers of Lola .
Pudding spots Sanji from above .
Pudding :I found them (big) sis . sa..sa..sanji-san is there (heart) .
Evil pudding appears : that guy sanji is there .
Chiffon : over there ?!

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